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This policy sets out the basis by which Resource Pool Users can utilise HostDoc VPS service as a resource pool account holder without abusing or significantly reducing performance and stability. Please read the following carefully to understand how guage resource pool account holders usage and what is deemed as fair use and abusive use.

Fair Use

Resource plans are intended to give the account holder freedom to create VPS in any region of their choice whether for personal projects or for reselling purposes.
Abuse of this service will result in suspensions which will disrupt and interrupt ongoing projects. Once suspended, access is denied for the full 24 hours to all instances under the account holder and nothing will be retrieveable until the 24 hour suspension has run its course.

Fair Use Limits

In order not to congest our servers, limits are in place for each region. Certain regions, due to their use of NMVe SSD or SSD drives would have harder limits than than our other regions.

  • London - 60GB Storage (MAX)
  • Germany - 30GB Storage (MAX)
  • Finland - 80GB Storage (MAX)
  • Canada - 80GB Storage (MAX)
  • France - 80GB Storage (MAX)

Fair Use Deployments

In regions where the max storage limits are less than 80GB per VM, the maximum amount of VPS applicable to be deployed in that region shall be limited to one Virtual Machine per 4 created.

This basically means for example, if you have plan "Resource Pool 2", you are entitled to create a maximum of 2 VM's in these locations. "Resource Pool 1" can create 1 VM in those regions and "Resource Pool 3" can create 3.


Accounts found to be in breach of this policy will have the most recently created VM in a limited region which exceeds their plans limits will be terminated immediately and without notice. A warning will also be issued. If 3 warning's are issued, your account will be suspended for 24 hours.


These limits are in place solely for fair use and to ensure all clients recieve the best performance and stability possible.
It is also a means to prevent abuse of ONLY SSD and NVMe server's.
HostDoc will NOT terminate any accounts for breach of this policy but WILL take action which at that point is a final decision and non reversable. This could impact resellers negatively hence why warning are sent out before this decision is taken.
Not heeding to the warnings will result in a 24 hour suspension with no further warning issued for continued infractions.