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Build Your Own VPS With HostDoc

Base config - 256MB, 1vCore, 10GB Storage, 250GB/100GB Bandwidth for only £2.50pm

  • £1.49 per GB RAM
  • £0.69 per 10GB HDD Storage
  • £0.99 per 10GB SSD Storage
  • £1.39 per 10GB NVMe Storage
  • £1.99 per vCore
  • Fully Managed Service Available

Add Required Resources

Add vCores, RAM and storage to fit your requirements.


Choose Desired Location

Choose your preferred location(s) and add required resources.


Build Complete

We will set up your machine to your exact specifications before provisioning.

Build Your VPS

Configure and launch your custom plan


Each CPU vCore comes with a minimum of 3.5 GHz vCore.


All plans come with 1024MB swap memory by default.


We have HDD, SSD and NVMe storage available demanding on your storage needs.

100GB (Singapore|Australia) or 250GB (All Other Locations) bandwidth included per month, at 250 Mbps and 1Gbps uplink port respectively

Brand New
Estimated Prices
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Fully Managed cPanel
Yes Please
Fully Managed cPanel
Save 25% with an annual plan
Pay Monthly
12-Months Save 25%
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Hardware & Features

Multiple Locations

We have launched our new service in 7/8 of our available locations, APAC, Europe and Canada. With more expected in the future

Hardware Built For Purpose

E5-1650v3 DDR4 (UK|France) and E3-1245v5/6 DDR4 (UK|Singapore|Canada|Finland|Australia).

Custom Image Upload

You are free to upload your custom ISO's. Just be sure to bring your license also as we do not provide it.

Speedy Delivery

As these are custom plans, they require manual set-up. We aim to have your machine ready in under 24 hours.

Backup|On Demand Restoration

Add a backup plan to your VPS from £1.50 per month for up to 100GB storage. Bigger plans available.

Low Cost Storage

Add storage in 10GB chunks from only £0.69 per chunk. Great for those on the lookout for high storage low RAM VPS.

VPS delivered with base config from just £2.50p/m.

Add resouces as needed on top of the base config to build your VPS.

Available Templates

Looking Glass

Test IP's.